Perfect Pair Made Perfect

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life. Now that you have found your Prince Charming, let us help you find the perfect shoes to walk in.
Ladies of all ages and time have always hunted for the perfect pair. Not only Cava Prive’s shoes are easy on the eyes, easy on the wallet, they are also easy on your feet! It does not get any better than this—quality, beauty, affordability, and comfort—all at the same time. They will be the perfect shoes for any occasion, accompanying you to walk the best day of your life.

Now the perfect pair gets even more perfect! Ever since our first collaboration, the demand just keeps increasing. That’s why we keep on innovating together to launch the latest trends of shoes. By combining the best of both worlds—expertise in shoes production technique and creative innovation of accessories—together with Cava Prive and NOMA, no shoes request is impossible!


All shoes are made to order according to your measurement. To order CAVA x NOMA shoes, please contact Cava Prive to choose the shoes base. The next steps depend on the type of collection you choose as described below.

We have various ready stock designs that can be viewed here. To order this collection, you can simply contact Cava Prive. You can customize the color, material/fabric, and shape of the shoes, along with the type and height of the heels (with or without platforms).

You can DIY (design it yourself) your shoes using NOMA’s extensive charm collections. Please visit Cava Prive’s showroom (*selected charms only) or make an appointment at NOMA’s DIY Studio (*complete charms collection). Please note that we require an upfront deposit payment to book an appointment at NOMA’s DIY Studio.

For custom order, please contact NOMA for consultation with our designer after you finalize your shoes base. If possible, do send us your Booking Details / Invoice from Cava Prive for easier coordination.

For catalog collection, it takes around 4-5 weeks from down payment until the shoes are ready for pick up/ shipping.
For DIY, it takes around 6 weeks after the design is finalized.
For custom design, it usually takes around 8-12 weeks depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used.

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